Searching and blogging for mathetics

Is there a correlation between the countries on the top ten list of searching for the word Mathetics and those countries visiting this weblog?

In order to answer this question we used the top ten list and compared it with the results of the counter on our weblog (see picture).
There is indeed a correlation for the top searchers on Google: Australia, United Kingdom and United States. They also are the top of the blog ranking list.
The Philippines and New Zealand also correlate positive. They are on the 8th and 9th place.
Remarkable is the position of Germany. This does not correlate with search behavior on Google. However on the blog ranking list it is on the fifth place.
* There is a correlation for five countries: they search most frequent on Google for the word "mathetics". Those countries are also the most frequent visitors of this weblog.
* Germany is not in the top ten list of Google, but is looking at the weblog rather frequent.
* In both situations (Google and the mathetics blog) there is a fast growing amount of total visits observable.
Many questions arise and remain. One was answered in a pilot study, in the context of the European project Eisweb. There we used a small questionnaire for the participating experts from Universities, Schools of Education, and the students (teachers who worked in their schools for elementary and secondary education). Eleven of them answered four questions:

1. Are you familiar with the word

yes (73%) no (18%) ? (9%)
2. What country are you from?
Austria(2), Netherlands(3), Switserland(1),Czech

3. Is the concept of mathetics playing a role in your

a little (55%); no (27%); ? (18%); yes (0%)
4. Would you like to learn more about mathetics?
Yes (100%)

All this lacks reliability and validity. It is just a pilot, showing a tendency and could be the start for further research. Let me know if you are involved in it or plan to do.

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Anonymous Anoniem zei...

Interesting facts for me. Showing that we, in India, are on the right path. We look very much for independent learning and mathetic is a suitable theory for us. In our country you mentioned already the research and experiments of Sugatra Mitra. I am a visiting professor and was very pleased with this pilot overview. Could introduce it to my students.

Robert, New Delhi

4:13 p.m.  

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