Waldorf schools and mathetic learning.

In a recent doctoral thesis students from secondary schools following Waldorf education in the Netherlands, have a significant disadvantage on mathematics compared to accounting students in mainstream education. A lower score is also visible for language education in the third class of secondary schools. In general the scores at the cognitive domain are lower than mainstream educated children.

However, their attitude towards learning as such is significantly more positive in the third class. In a mainstream school the motivation to learn is getting lower between the first and the third class.It is not clear wether Waldorf children over estimate themselves or have a realistic concept of their capacities.
Children at risk do no make enough progress in Waldorf schools. The system tends to continue differences, instead of diminishing them.

Data were collected during three years in thirteen Dutch secondary Waldorf schools.
Waldorf education is strongly classroom oriented and does not emphasize on differentiation and individual development of children, according to recent theories. Children in at risk situations tend to stay behind, instead of improving their results.

For those seeking good models of mathetical learning, Waldorf schools seem to be not a good choice.


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Anonymous Anoniem zei...

Down under here the Waldorf system is rather unknown. We were just starting to investigate the possibilities of it, regarding the integration with ICT. Good to read this research outcomes.

Nausicaa, University Adelaide

12:02 a.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem zei...

As a teacher at a German Waldorf school i am very disappointed that, once again, there seems to be a negative campain towards our Philosophy and educational approach. Most of the effects are not and cannot (yet) be measured by the tests used by researchers.

Waltraut, Munich

2:54 p.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem zei...

The Dutch inspectorate of education presents a list of bad performing schools ( http://www.onderwijsinspectie.nl/nl/home/naslag/Alle_publicaties/Overzicht_zeer_zwakke_scholen )
At that list many Waldorf schools are present, Two of them in Amsterdam. There is a quarrel now amongst the more fundamentalist parents, sticking to the anthroposophic philosophy of Steiner, and the more permissive group. The Dutch Ministery of Education wants to see a better quality in the two schools, toherwise they will be closed in the near future.

Lieke, University of Amsterdam

10:16 a.m.  

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