German price for innovative language program

The European project Viseus is grounded on theories of Reform education, New literacies and latest research regarding language education. It also emphasized mathetical learning, as an aspect of the learning process.

On september 23th the Viseus project received a German price, the European Language Seal 2009.Barbara Sommer, minister of Education from Nordrhein-Westfalen, handed out the prices in Bonn.

On November 11 and 12 the project has its final meeting in Osnabrück. If you would like to attend this meeting look at the website.

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My name is Keith and i am finishing my Ph.D. in Sydney.
Could you give me more information on the dictionary? I am working on the question which theories are useful in constructing language programs for children. This project seems to be a good example of a succesfull approach.

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